Welcome as a new partner.

If you have your own record company, music publishing company, or own the rights to recorded music or compositions, you can join EasyClear/EnkelKlarering.no.

You will then be registered as a partner and your repertoire can be made available for the customers of EasyClear/EnkelKlarering.no. At the same time you will receive a username and password, so that you can edit the information in your catalog.

Welcome !

Application form

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This agreement regulates the terms between the Rightsholders and EasyClear.

Repertoire – obligations and rights.

The rightsholders certifies, by signing this agreement, that they dispose of all rights ( master rights, copyright ) that are assigned to EasyClear in accordance with this agreement.  

EasyClear ( EnkelKlarering.no) is not responsible for any mistakes caused by incorrect registration of rights. Making the repertoire available for use through EasyClear, and registration of necessary metadata on their assigned pages in the portal, is the sole responsibility of the Rightsholders.

Username and password for access to the registration pages will be supplied upon entering this contract

By accepting this agreement, the Rightsholder grants EasyClear the permission to collaborate with Phonofile to access, and use, the relevant music and metadata.

Any limitation of use connected to the repertoire ( territorial or otherwise) is the sole responsibility of the Rightsholder to register. This information can be up-dated at any time by the Rightsholders.


EasyClear will charge a 20% distribution-fee for any sale through the portal. The customer will be charged an additional 20% administration fee. The netto amount, after deduction of distribution costs will be accounted the Rightsholders.

Statements and accounting.

EasyClear will send information to TONO/NCB, and the customer will be invoiced directly from NCB TONO for specified use.

Settlement will be made four times a year ( 31.03 - 30.06 - 30.09 - 31.12 )


EasyClear will assist the Rightsholders in how to use the portal.

Form of agreement.

This agreement is made with both parties in mind, and any legal disputes shall be resolved amicably. This agreement of intent shall be replaced by a legally developed contract.


This agreement can be terminated with 3 months notice.



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